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Publication  Design

Publication Design is a process of creating desktop publishing works like Books, Magazines, News Layout and many more. It is the art of creating and arranging the articles or scripts using page layout skills, font usage, combination of colours and pictures etc. It is a complete art of text and pictures. It is a frame based design. The author/writer provides the materials to the designer and the designer creates a layout and arranges them in order. This process is known as publication. And when they are printed (Published), then that process is known as publishing. The layout of one book is almost same. The header and footer will be same. And in body there will be a frame of text and pictures. The body frame should be changed to make the design attractive and different from other pages.

           A book design contains cover, inner, preface, contents, subject matters and glossary on last pages. Glossary is only found on some book, especially on kids' books. Book Cover is important part in Book design. The attraction depends on cover page. The art of publication design is done by graphic designer. For a perfect publication design, the designer must use the combination of colours, pictures, layouts, fonts, subject matters and settings. Setting in case of publication design refers to arranging the matters, pictures, fonts, font size in an order to make the page attractive. The design is fully based on font size. The designer must have the knowledge of font size. They must know for which size of book, how much font size should be used.

           We have creative and professional designer who are perfect and expert in creating attractive books, magazines and all desktop publishing works. We provide an attractive design that attracts the reader. We use all the combination mentioned above. We are best in creating kids book, which contains lots of pictures, cartoons and large alphabets. We provide all these service at cheap rate. Visit our portfolio page to view some of our publication design, designed by our team.

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