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Printing means the total output of an image, materials or designs. Printing is a process where the text or graphics from a computer is taken as output with the help of printer. Printer prints the text or graphics as output in form of a paper or sheet as it depends on what kind of printer it is. For example, A normal and colour printer gives output in a paper or photo sheet, a flex printer gives output in a flex sheet, Offset printer gives output in a paper, plastic, screen Print gives output on paper, t-shirt, clothes, bags etc.

Flex Print:

Flex Print is a means of outdoor advertising. Flex print means printing a design in a flex which generally is a sheet made up of Poly Vinyl Chloride / Poly Ethylene. Flex Print is a service that is used for outdoor advertisement which is printed by solvent inks containing four colours CMYK. C - Cyan, M - Magenta, Y - Yellow and K - Black. Flex print has replaced the hand written banner because its low cost and durability. Flex Print is highly used for hoarding board print, Vinyl Print, sticker print, normal board print, banner print, backdrop print, canvas print, wall wrap print and many more.

Offset Print:

Offset Print is a means of paper advertisement. Offset print refers to all those prints that are done in paper, plastics etc. Offset printing is a kind of print service, in which the pictures or matters to be printed are first printed in a plate, and then the plate is transferred to a rubber blanket and then it is sent to be print on the printing surface i.e. paper, plastic or any other media. Offset print is highly used for printing books, magazines, news papers, flyers, brochure, prospectus, posters, hotel/café menus, stickers, packaging labels, visiting cards (business cards) and many more.

Screen Print:

Screen Print is also one of the means of advertisement. This printing process is very easy in practice. While printing in offset, plate must be made which cost will not be affordable to print 100 or 200 pieces of paper. So screen print is used in that place because for screen print, tracing is used instead of plate. But the process is same as offset. First the materials is printed on a tracing paper, then by that tracing a frame is made, and at last it is sent to be print on the printing surface. By screen print we can print Visiting cards (Business Card), Invitation cards, Marriage cards, Pamphlet, Posters, Tickets, T-Shirt Print and many more.

PVC (Identity Card) Print:

PVC is generally known as identity card. PVC means postal verification card and also called as profile verification card. It is required in every successful organization, schools, colleges, industries and many other areas. PVC print is a kind of printing method in which a design is made of a single person and sent to print on a hard plastic sheet and is printed by a PVC card printer or it can also be printed through normal photo printer or colour printer. Now-a-days, ribbons are also provided with the company name printed in it with the help of screen print.

           We provide all the above print services to our local and national client. Our print services are of high quality and are cheap in cost. Our flex printer is of high quality. We also provide photo print service through this printer.

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