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Logo  Design

Logo Design is an important task of graphic designing. It is a graphical symbol or emblems that are commonly used by enterprises, firms, etc. Logo design is not a simple task to perform. It is a symbol that represents the whole enterprise, organization or what the logo is about. Logo design requires full concentration and a free mind. Logo designing is very hard to be perfect. There are two types of logo designs, they are purely graphics (logos' that are made up of symbol or icons) and the other is text design (logos' that are designed in the text style). Text style logos are not only made up of text characters, they are designed in a attractive process. Both logos are useful. But for stamp use, symbolic logos can be found attractive. The outline of whole logos for stamp making can be of square, rectangle or circle shaped. Some logo models can be of same types. For examples, the model of logos of schools, colleges can be of same types but their matters must be different and some designs should also be changed. A logo must include the character of a firm.

           As Logo designing requires full concentration and free mind so, the main step in creating a logo is making concept, making sketch, transferring the sketch to a graphical form, choosing the theme, and selecting a theme color. Choosing appropriate color is also an important part in logo designing. A logo designer must have knowledge on all these factors.

           We mainly work on blue, red, yellow and green color basis. These colors are attractive colors. While creating a logo, we also focus on the countries theme, such as while creating the logo or any designs of America we use blue, red and white color which gives a patriotic meaning. Red color is used to attract the attention of people, so we use red color in a design. In the project of hospitals, health sector we use light blue, red and green color. We focus on color theory.

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