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Banner  Design

Banners are the means of advertisement. Mainly all the banners are of rectangle size. There are various types of banners, such as Cloth banners, Flex banners, Web banners, and so on… Cloth banners are the banner that is designed by hand written scripts with different painting colours. They are made by artists and is a time consuming process. So, this process of advertisement is being replaced by flex banners. In same way, a graphical banner is a piece of paper, media, flex, cloth that contains graphical arts which is designed to give a special meaning of what the advertisement is about. Flex banners are the advertisement banners that are designed and printed on a flex. A web banners are the means of advertisement found on websites delivered by an ad server. Most of the website contains web banners. Web banner helps to advertise and helps the matter to be focused. It is a form of online advertisement. All these banners need to be done by a graphics designer. For cloth banner, a graphic designer makes a layout and sends them to the artist and they design the same thing in the piece of cloth. In case of flex banner, a designer designs a banner and prints it out on the flex paper. Web Banners are also created by a graphic designer. A designer designs an ad and uploads them to a web page to do online advertisement.

           All the banners are of different kinds, but their designs must be attractive so that the visitors direct focus on the banners and read the matters. Visitors only give importance to the things that attract them. We should not include many contents in the banner. Many people think that banners are long, so we can include many things in it. This thinking is totally wrong. It makes the banner unattractive. Contents in banner should always be free and less packed. For examples, a copy that contains many subjects in it makes a reader difficult to read, and if every subject has different copies, then the reader can easily go through it. Thus, a banner should include the matters that are related to each other. Sometime, the banner must include different kinds of matters, in such case the matters must be divided into different categories and should be designed by tabulating or dividing them into different boxes, columns, colours and so on....

           We work on all types of banner designs. We work on all these banner services. We provide banner designs that attract people and focuses on the matters it contains. we provide banner designs at low cost. We also provide banner, flex print services to our domestic and national clients. Our print quality is very nice and of high quality.

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